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A beautiful song…

by Ismaël Lô

In case the video doesn’t show up, you can watch this one.


Mida, Ta…..tajabone de nuy tajabone
Ta…..tajabone de nuy tajabone
Abdu u iambaar gniari malaykala
Ch’awé étchiko daan si séroo
Muomu muhnilda degëm du lingaan
Muomu muhnila degëm woor nga-am
Ch’awé etchiko daanu si seroo
Muomu muhnida degem du lingaam
Muomu muhnida degem woor nga-am
Tajabone de nuy tajabone
Tajabone de nuy tajabone
Wou leij Wou leij
Wou leij Wou leij
Abdu jambaar gniari malaykala
chico woley juge daanu si sero
Muhnila degem du linga’n
Muhnila degem woor nga-am

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Translation Thanks to Yacine Diop :

As children we will go from house to house to entertain
Which was singing and dancing and afterwards
They will give us money or rice or wheat or biscuits
These were one of my best memories as a child.
The song we use to sing is the song Ismaël Lô is singing
He is saying :

Tajabone we’re going to Tajabone

Abdou Jabar he’s an angel coming from the skies to your soul

He’s going to ask you did you pray
He’s going to ask you did you fast
He is coming to your soul
He’s going to ask you did you pray did you fast

That’s it then he just go on and on saying the same things
we use to sing this song because in ISLAM
you are commanded by God to pray five times a day
and fast on the month of ramadan so when you die
the angels will ask you these questions


25 Responses to “Tajabone”

  1. I would like to know the excact translation of this song (tajabone).I have found a dictionary but I can’t make it on my own…

  2. Hello Anthi,

    There is an English translation available right under the Wolof lyrics. But maybe you mean a translation in another language ?

    Have a great weekend !

  3. I was touched and enchanted by this simple beautiful song that reminded me of my second Fatherland- Africa. Its content is great and makes you proud that you are a human being that can still feel with his heart, the mystery of life and that the most important thing is not material possessions but the ability to remain human and a citizen of our troubled world. I firmly believe that we jointly are able to create a better future for ourselves, our children and any living creature on our planet. At least the effort is fully justified and worth the challenge.

  4. Dear Pauline,
    You have done a great translation of the Lyrics that are accompanied.
    Any time I replay them, I begin to feel like Aretha Franklin used to sing:
    Laughing from the inside, crying from the outside.” Ismael Lo in – Tagabone , as well as other wonderful songs , coming straight from the
    heart (An often lonely hunter), is able to great a class of himself . Is it possible to find some of his African albums, where they can be found on CD, in audiences that carry his music!?

    Happy New Year and Joy to the World!

    • Hi Michael,

      Nice to hear from you again. I don’t deserve credit for the translation. Somebody else in the internet community translated the lyrics. Yes, you can find Ismael Lo’s songs on CDs. I bought a couple of them two years ago. Try

      Have you already been in Africa ?

      Take care,

  5. Pauline,

    Of course, I have lived in Africa, for a period of 4 years -!962-67 and 1989. This was why I stated, when drooping in your first note that I have always considered Africa my second Fatherland . These times will never return – people were so nice and friendly and truly believed in a better world. Today I am not such an optimist, which is a sad story.

    Take care,

  6. A translator out there?

    Can sombedoy translate the above comment (Matkaan taas kuljen nyt…)? Thanks.

  7. Bonjour Pauline,

    Google has a translation tool that can detect the language automatically, the result is not exactly very revealing but well, here you go :|en|Noh%2C%20nyt%20on%20pakattu%20melkoisen%20monta%20nyss%C3%A4kk%C3%A4%C3%A4.Silitetty%20vaatteita%2C%20kaivettu%20makuupussi%20ja%20teltta%20komerosta%2C%20varusteltu%20pieni%20keitti%C3%B6tarvikepussi%2C%20kenk%C3%A4kassi%20ja%20kylm%C3%A4laukku%2C%20rekrytoitu%20kimppakyytil%C3%A4isi%C3%A4%20ja%20tehty%20pastasalaattia.Surffattu%20netiss%C3%A4%20ja%E2%80%A6
    If you copy and paste all that you should be able to make out what they said…

  8. Heyyyyyy Great work, thanks a lot have long been looking for the translation of this beautiful song.

  9. I love this song…I heard it in Almodovar’s “Todo sobre mi madre”, and it really moved me…and made me realize many, many things…;)

  10. my name is also paulina… and i had a blog where i posted it a couple years ago, maybe. i received it as a gift from a friend and wanted to send it with lyrics to very dear friends today… i am living away from my city.
    namaste 🙂

  11. Enchantez…. this song speaks to me.

  12. do you know how i like this song.I m Jean Paul from Rwanda ; i used to play it because I m a Journalist without being aware its meaning ; but now thank you dear for translation

  13. I jean paul i pray you to tlanslate it as it is. thank you

  14. Thanks 4 the translation, I really like Tajabone, caz I’ve now known the meaning, I’m thankful 2 every in charge of translation. It is well played and beautiful voice. I wish Ismail should learn more about Coran. It consists many that should be obeyed apart from fasting . Thank 2 Ismail at all.!!

  15. ndishimye kubwabuno busobanuro kuva mubwana ntazi icyo bivuze thx

  16. woow! i love this song,it have gd words and wonderful beat this’s best song ever

  17. I`ve known this son since i was only 4 years old and am turning 25 in this following month and am glad to get top this point were i got to know the meaning of this song, i had always asked many people time and again but no one seem to know what it means until today i got to find out for myself and am so happy, Now i even like it more since i now understand what it means

    Thank you for the translation Pauline

    You are a STAR…….

    From Harare in Zimbabwe……….

    • Hi Pauline not only send me your email I want to contact you I am from Rwanda. I knew Tajabon aged 7

  18. a great melodious song started listening to it at age 3 and it wud scare me but here I am still enjoying and consider it one of my best ever masterpieces

  19. Wow Now that I know the meaning! I’m gon fast and pray singing to this!

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